The 2021-22 Erasmus+ call for applications is now closed.

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FAQs on the Erasmus+ Programme and the Turing Scheme

The 12-month transition period following the UK’s departure from the EU came to an end on 31st December 2020. The UK officially left the European Union with a deal in place. Under the deal negotiated with the EU, the UK will no longer participate in the Erasmus+ scheme.

Does this mean I won't receive my Erasmus+ grant in 2021? No. You will still receive your Erasmus+ grant in 2021. While the UK will no longer participate in the Erasmus+ scheme, the Erasmus+ projects that were already in place before Brexit will continue until their expiry. UK beneficiaries of Erasmus+ funding, including the University of Bath, will continue to take part in grants awarded under the current Erasmus+ scheme until their end date, even if it is after 2020.

Has the University of Bath secured Erasmus+ funding for 2021/2022? Yes. The University of Bath has secured Erasmus+ funding to the end of the first semester of the 2021/2022 academic year. The duration of the 2020 Erasmus+ project was recently extended to May 2023 which will give us more time to spend the funding that is available, however the call for applications for 2021-22 is now closed.

I am not a UK citizen, can I still apply for Erasmus+ grants? Previously, students (foreign nationals) who resided in the UK and who wished to undertake their Erasmus+ mobility in their country of origin were eligible to receive Erasmus+ funding. However, the European Commission have clarified that in the current circumstances of the pandemic, mobilities (virtual or physical) undertaken in the participants’ home country (country of origin) would not be eligible for Erasmus+ funding. This means that, for example, a UK student who is a Spanish national, currently residing in Spain and wishing to undertake their mobility in Spain, isn’t eligible to receive the Erasmus+ grant.

What will happen after the current Erasmus+ project comes to an end? The UK government has announced a brand new programme called the Turing Scheme which will replace the Erasmus+ scheme. Further details of the Turing scheme are still to be released however, it is intended to fund student study exchange and work placements globally.

I have heard that there is a Turing Scheme deadline coming up, do I have to apply now? No, this deadline is for the University to apply to the government agency for Turing Scheme funding. The University is putting together a bid for funding, but students do not need to do anything yet. The International Mobility Team will work with your departments, should we be granted Turing Scheme funding, to let you know about applying and deadlines for the scheme. This will not be until August, at the earliest.

Will I be able to receive both Erasmus+ and Turing funding at the same time? No, it is not possible to receive both Erasmus+ and Turing funding at the same time. Though they will run simultaneously, they will not be used for the same placements. In 2021-22 Erasmus+ funding will be used for European placements and Turing funding for the rest of the world.

Where can I get further updates on Brexit? The University is constantly updating information, advice and guidance about the implications of Brexit for staff and students. This can be found on the University Brexit update webpage.

The latest information about UK participation in Erasmus+ after Brexit can be found on the University Brexit update page or the Erasmus+ UK website.