Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to update you on progress with identifying hourly-paid, or casual, staff for furlough. I appreciate that I am addressing staff in a very diverse range of hourly-paid roles across the University and their managers.

The calculation of furlough pay will be made in line with the UK Government’s guidance, but the University will be paying at 100%, which is significantly more than the 80% rate from Government.

Work is currently being undertaken by Heads of Department, with HR support, across the University to identify which of our hourly-paid (casual) staff and which roles can be placed on furlough. We anticipate that confirmation emails will go out to these staff from Friday 1 May 2020 and by the close of business on Tuesday 5 May 2020. More information on this process can be found on the University’s webpages on guidance for staff on the coronavirus job retention scheme (CJRS) in the section titled ‘Hourly-paid staff and furlough’.

The UK Government’s guidance on the Scheme has been revised significantly since it was first published on 23 March 2020. These changes have particularly affected the eligibility of hourly-paid staff in Higher Education Institutions for the Scheme and as a University we have to ensure we apply it only as it has been intended to be used.

Process for determining eligibility

The requirements for determining which hourly-paid staff are eligible to be placed on furlough through the Scheme are complex and exclude any hourly-paid roles that are classified by the UK Government as public-funded. The hourly-paid staff and furlough section on our furloughing guidance webpages explains the process that the University is following to identify which of our hourly-paid staff are eligible for furlough.

Paying furloughed hourly-paid staff

Those hourly-paid staff identified as eligible to furlough will be paid on payday in May 2020.

The calculation of furlough pay will be made in line with the UK Government’s guidance, but at 100% rather than 80%. This calculation is explained in our furloughing guidance webpages under the question: ‘I am a casual worker who has been informed that I am being placed on “furlough”. What does this mean for me and how will you calculate what I will be paid?’

Further information on queries that you may in relation to these calculations can also be found at answers to questions on calculating variable pay

If you have a specific payroll query please click on this link for more information.

I understand that this can be a worrying time, and hope this message gives further clarity and reassurance. If you have any questions please speak to your manager (or their manager or Head of Department if they are currently furloughed) about them, or raise them with us in HR through our dedicated email

With kind regards,


Richard Brooks Director of Human Resources