To our wonderful patients, we've missed you.

We’re pleased to be able to say that we are open and seeing patients again. However, we are not booking routine appointments at the moment. New guidelines set out by our governing body means we are working in a whole new way, which has its limitations to the number of patients we can see per day. So for now, we are prioritising those patients that were mid-treatment whilst we were closed and any emergencies that contact us.

We’re aware check-ups are overdue for many people but we promise to get to everyone as soon as we can. If you are overdue your check-up, please don’t be concerned about being “struck off” this will not happen.

When we are offering routine appointments again, we will prioritise children and high-risk adults. I hope you can understand our frustrations and we are looking forward to seeing you all as soon as we can.

Thank you for being patient with us.