The subject of email security has been high on the agenda for the University. In line with guidelines from the National Cyber Security Centre, a number of changes have been made to help keep you and your email data safe.

We’ve been investigating new filtering technologies as well as listening to feedback from across the University community. From Thursday 19 March 2020, we will be rolling out these further changes and improvements to email security.

What does this mean for you?

  • All emails classified junk will now be delivered to your Junk Email Folder in Outlook rather than the quarantine.
  • Messages that appear to be impersonating people or organisations you interact with will be tagged with a new grey warning banner to help you identify if someone is trying to deceive you.
  • A new email security feature called Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Safe Links will ensure that any links in emails are safe to help prevent malicious websites stealing your data.
  • This new layer of protection will apply to emails sent internally as well as those sent from outside of the University.

The aim of this combination of new security features and return to the Junk Email folder is to achieve the best balance between security and ease of use.