Face coverings and the law

Make sure you know when and where you are legally required to wear face coverings, for example, on public transport and in shops. UK government legal requirements may evolve, so please be alert to changes in messages and any new signage at the University.

Face coverings in University buildings

You must also wear face coverings in our public, indoor spaces and when moving between indoor spaces.

This applies during in-person teaching for our students. In order to enable effective learning, teaching staff are not required to wear face coverings in teaching spaces where they can maintain 2m distance, but should feel free to wear face coverings and/or visors out of personal choice.

In the Sports Training Village, everyone is required to wear a face covering in the building apart from when exercising or in changing rooms (under 12s are exempt).

There are limited exceptions for certain spaces. You do not need to wear a face covering:

  • In student study spaces when seated at a desk (study spaces are set up to be 2m apart).

  • When seated at a meeting or in office accommodation at a 2m distance.

  • Face coverings used elsewhere should not be used in a laboratory environment where there is any risk of contamination of the face covering e.g. chemical contamination. Appropriate face coverings will be supplied for those environments.

  • Where local risk assessments have deemed face coverings unnecessary due to other mitigations in place.

Exemptions for individuals

There are limited circumstances, for instance for health, age or equality reasons, where people are not able to wear face coverings.

We support the hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard as a method for you to discretely indicate that you are exempt from mask use.

If people cannot wear face coverings for these reasons, please be kind and considerate.

We understand it’s easy to have a moment where you forget these new rules. But please be prepared for others to gently remind you.