Face coverings

There is growing evidence that face coverings provide protection against the transmission of coronavirus. This is thought to be particularly important in stopping the newly reported variant of Covid-19.

Public Health advice is that three ply face coverings are most effective. These need to be put on and taken off carefully, correctly worn and stored properly when not in use in order to be effective. Full details are available on GOV.UK.

Face coverings and the law

The wearing of face coverings is required by law in certain buildings. Make sure you know when and where you are legally required to wear a face covering, for example, on public transport and in shops.

UK government legal requirements may evolve, so please be alert to changes in messages and any new signage at the University.

Face coverings in University buildings

Face coverings must be worn in all University buildings at all times. The only exceptions are:

  • student flats, but not the shared common areas between them such as corridors and stairways.

  • single occupancy offices with one occupant.

  • multiple occupancy workspaces (not University study spaces) where the number of occupants is within the limit identified in the local risk assessment, the room is being adequately ventilated and 2 metre distancing is being strictly observed. The occupancy limit should be prominently displayed on the doors to each workspace. This does not apply to study spaces where a face covering must be worn at all times.

  • other spaces where the local risk assessment has identified that face coverings could pose a significant health and safety risk. These exclusions should be recorded in local risk assessments and all people using the facility made aware of this issue and any alternative arrangements.

Staff working in any of these exempted areas, including when working behind protective screens, are strongly advised to wear face coverings when dealing with anyone visiting the area.

We will keep this under review and update you if the situation changes.

Exemptions for individuals

There are limited circumstances, for instance for health, age or equality reasons, where people are not able to wear face coverings.

We support the hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard as a method for those who wish to discretely indicate that they are exempt from mask use. If you need one, please drop into Student Services in 4 West to collect one or email them to request one be sent to you at your Bath address.

If people cannot wear face coverings for these reasons, please be kind and considerate.

We understand it’s easy to have a moment where you forget these new rules. But please be prepared for others to gently remind you.

Ordering a face covering

The Central stores still has a supply of free reusable, three-ply face coverings, as well as clear face coverings to enable communication with people who may need to lip read for purchase. These can be ordered for by departments for distribution to staff and students. Please contact Central Stores.