The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting everything we do. From our jobs, to our physical and mental health, to the economy, our politics and the climate. All aspects of our daily lives have changed in response to the crisis. To make sense of these uncertain times we are inviting four panels of experts from the University of Bath to share their research and expertise online across four topics: the social and political effects of the virus, the science of the virus, the health and wellbeing impacts and the economic and business impacts. The panellists will also answer your questions about the crisis. Join us for an online Minerva lecture series to make sense of the coronavirus crisis.

In the second lecture we will explore the science of the virus. What is it and what kinds of testing can help identify the virus? How can we distribute a vaccine across the globe once we have one? And what behavioural control measures can we use to slow the spread?

To answer these questions and many more you will hear from Andrew Preston, Reader in the Department of Biology & Biochemistry, Ben Ainsworth, Lecturer in the Department of Psychology and Asel Sartbaeva, Lecturer in the Department of Chemistry.

Please see below to register for the event or visit the Minerva webpage.

Full list of remaining lectures

Friday 29 May: Making Sense of the Coronavirus Crisis – The Science of the Virus

Friday 12 June: Making Sense of the Coronavirus Crisis – Health and Wellbeing Effects

Friday 26 June: Making Sense of the Coronavirus Crisis – Economic and Business Impact

Friday 10 July: Climate change, Coronavirus and Anxiety