We expect you to arrive as soon as you can for in-person learning, and by the start of Semester Two. If you're unable to travel to Bath by then we may be able to support you to start the semester studying remotely. This will vary according to the nature and requirements of your course (for example, lab-based or practical elements) and other factors (for example, visa status).

How to request temporary remote study

If you think that you'll be temporarily unable to attend your course in-person and on campus from the start of Semester Two, you can request approval from your department to start the semester studying remotely. To do this, you must submit the form on SAMIS to request remote study and state your expected arrival date for on-campus learning, after any quarantine period has ended.

Your Director of Studies will be notified automatically and will arrange a meeting to discuss your circumstances. After the meeting, they will liaise with your Head of Department to decide if they can support you to study remotely at the start of Semester Two.

To request to study remotely:

  • log in to SAMIS, select Student Home > Student Tasks and ‘Notify us your arrival will be delayed in 2021/22 (Temporary Remote Start)’
  • if you aren't sure of the date you will start on-campus learning, please make a best guess. You will be reminded to update your record if this date passes. The expectation is that you arrive as soon as you can for in-person, on-campus learning.

If you do not complete the form to tell us, your department will not be able to provide you with suitable support.

What happens next:

  • your Director of Studies will be notified automatically, and will arrange a meeting to discuss your request temporary remote study
  • after this meeting, your Head of Department will consider your case. You will be informed by email if you are able to study remotely
  • if you're not able to study remotely, your department will discuss your options with you. This may include attending in person, suspending your studies or withdrawing from your course. You can read about how suspending or withdrawing from your course will affect the fees you pay
  • if approved, class lists will be updated shortly to confirm you’re studying remotely
  • once you arrive in Bath, you must update your SAMIS record.

If you have any questions relating to studying remotely, please contact your Director of Studies.

You can also read about the previous arrangements for remote study in Semester One.