The UK has set a legislated target under the Climate Change Act to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to ‘Net Zero’ by 2050.

This talk will set out why this is the minimum contribution that the UK must make as a climate leader. It will go through different potential ways to achieve this stretching target, key decision points when we’ll need to decide more precisely how we’re going to do it and the set of things we can – and must – get on with. Finally, it will outline some potential policy approaches for the 2020s to get us on track to Net Zero.

David Joffe is the Head of Carbon Budgets at the Committee on Climate Change, where he’s worked since 2007. He oversees the process for setting the carbon budgets under the Climate Change Act, with the next to be recommended in September 2020.

Previously David led the process to develop the decarbonisation pathways for achieving a net-zero emissions target to underpin the Committee’s recent advice on Net Zero. He also led the Committee’s recent Hydrogen Review and has a PhD on hydrogen infrastructure from Imperial College London.