What's the purpose of the upgrade

To implement the industry standards (802.11 k and r) that reduce the time needed for a device to roam (switch) from one wireless access point (AP) to another.

When is the upgrade taking place

Tuesday 3 August at 8am.

What are the benefits of the upgrade

  • Better roaming
  • Improves VOIP/Teams calls on the go
  • Improves connectivity
  • Reduces the need to re-authenticate between access points

Will my device be affected by the upgrade

A small number of devices won't be able to connect to eduroam and govroam networks following the upgrade:

If your device doesn't work on eduroam, due to one of the reasons above, you should connect to the Legacy Wi-Fi network.

Help and support

If you need help and support with your device please contact the IT Helpdesk.

We thank you for your patience, whilst we work to improve the Wi-Fi network.