What this means for you:

  • You will be required to restart your PC so that the updates can then be installed
  • The update could take up to two hours to install following the required restart
  • You will receive regular notifications on your desktop over 7 days, reminding you to restart your PC
  • To avoid receiving multiple notifications and to minimise disruption, we recommend that you schedule the restart at end of your working day or outside of your working hours
  • If no action is taken, the update will automatically restart your computer

Benefits of this update

  • Increased security features
  • A streamlined update process for the future

How to schedule the restart of your PC

  1. Open the Start Menu and type 'update'
  2. Select 'Check for updates'
  3. Select 'Restart now' or 'Schedule the restart'

How to prepare for the installation

If you choose to have your PC install its updates out of hours, please close and save any important documents and apps before you go home but leave your PC on so it can perform the update. Unfortunately, if the PC is turned off it won’t be able to do the update for you outside of business hours.

When your PC will receive the update

DDaT will release the update in two-week increments by service or department. Please check below to find out when your PC will receive the update:

Tuesday 25 January
- Professional Services
- Library

Monday 7 February
- Faculty of Engineering & Design
- Faculty of Science

Monday 22 February
- Faculty of Humanities & Social Science
- School of Management

Deciding when updates are installed

You have the flexibility to decide when updates get installed. Setting 'active hours' lets us know when you typically use your device, so we won't automatically restart your device during this time.

Help & support

If you have any issues installing this update, you can Report a University Device Issue via the Self-Service Portal and the team will advise.