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3L Programme 2020/21

A fantastic development opportunity for those in Team Leader, Supervisor and Management roles or those that aspire to be.

What you will learn

3L is a development programme in management and leadership offered at two levels and open to all staff across the University.

The programme will bring you a number of benefits including:

  • Personal development and acquisition of new skills

  • Increased understanding of how the role can have a wider positive impact

  • Improved skills such as communications, team working and problem solving

  • Increase in your confidence, knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to succeed

  • Accredited training leading towards a recognised ILM qualification

3L is currently offered at two levels:

  • Level 3 is for those in Team Leader or Supervisor roles who aspire to a management role

  • Level 5 is for those people already in a management role looking to achieve a qualification and reinforce their skills and knowledge

How you will learn

3L will be delivered through a variety of different methods.

The 3L Programme will be provided by the University in partnership with our external provider, PeoplePlus who deliver a range of training programmes and apprenticeships in various disciplines and sectors.

As well as other methods, throughout your learning journey you will gain and enhance your skills, knowledge and behaviours through:

  • classroom training

  • online learning

  • project work

  • coaching sessions

What is needed from you

As well as the commitment to be a positive and enthusiastic role model within the University, there are a number of other requirements needed to join 3L.

To undertake 3L, you will need to be committed to remain in employment for the duration of the programme.

  • Level 3 can take up to two years of study

  • Level 5 can take up to three years of study

Both Level 3 and 5 are funded by the University through the apprenticeship levy so you or your department won't need to find resource in the budget.

You will also need to commit your time with the support of your line manager to undertake planned training activity and meet the 20% off-the-job training requirement.

Find out more

We're hosting a number of sessions between now and the end of July to help inform you.