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Access to Bath: How to complete the course

Details on how to take part in Access to Bath

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Congratulations on your offer from Bath

Congratulations on receiving an offer from the University of Bath. We are really happy you have chosen to apply to us and we hope that you will be joining us in September. As part of your offer you have been given a standard offer and a reduced alternative offer upon completion of the Access to Bath programme. This means you have an offer to study at Bath and that is yours whether you choose to complete Access to Bath or not. If you do choose to (and successfully) complete the programme then you will also have the alternative offer at one grade lower.

You'll find all the information you need below about the programme, but if you have any other questions please email us. If you have any questions about your offer or your applications contact us on the admissions email address

Why have I been offered this?

Bath values and admits students from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences with the greatest potential to succeed on our courses. Access to Bath is an online programme to help students from under-represented groups transition into higher education, and due to the valued skills and knowledge you will gain, receive an alternative offer from the University of Bath.

When you applied to Bath your application was highlighted in our system and we have made you at least two offers. You will have the standard offer and an alternative reduced offer upon successful completion of the Access to Bath Programme. Even if you choose not to complete the programme, you still have an offer for Bath at the standard level.

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What is Access to Bath?

Access to Bath is an online programme that will prepare you for study and life at Bath. The transition to university is a really exciting time but can have its challenges. Through this programme you will get an insight into what being a student at Bath is like and will develop your skills, confidence and knowledge to support you in making a successful transition to the University.

The programme is delivered in manageable sections. You will be able to complete these in your own time and in a way that suits you. Information is delivered in a variety of ways and there is a space for interaction with other offer-holders to develop and share your knowledge and skills.

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What is in the programme?

The sessions will take you through different aspects of the transition to life at university, from getting ready to go to university, to starting your course and being set your first assignment. You will hear from some of our current students and staff, get advice and guidance and gain an understanding of their experience at Bath. There are six sessions and each of them includes articles, videos, quizzes, discussions and reflective exercises. The six sessions are:

  1. Getting ready to go to university
  2. Arriving at university
  3. Welcome week
  4. Starting your course
  5. Academic skills
  6. Key skills for success

Each session will take you up to 3 hours meaning it should take you around 18 hours to complete the full programme.

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What do I need to do?

Details of what to do next

  1. Access the programme using the link below.
  2. Register on the platform (Future Learn) and when you do please make sure you use the same name and email address as is on your UCAS application form.
  3. Complete the activities - you can do this at your own pace.
  4. Pass the final quiz and receive a certificate.
  5. Focus on your studies knowing that you have an alternative offer to Bath.

You will be able to access the programme at your own pace and you will be given login details after your first sign in, allowing you to log out and continue at a later date.

You will need to complete all elements of the online programme. Your engagement with the content will be monitored and there will be short quizzes throughout. If you complete them all and pass the programme then you will be able to meet your offer conditions with your alternative offer.

On completion of the programme you will be made aware of whether or not you have passed, after that there is nothing more you need to do. Our UG Admissions Team will automatically process your result and will highlight your application accordingly ahead of A Level results day.

If you have successfully completed and passed the programme and achieve the grades for your alternative offer, you will automatically be accepted to Bath when we have your grades on results day. If you haven't passed, don't worry the standard offer still stands and if you meet the criteria for that you will be automatically accepted to Bath when we have your grades on results day.

Having completed the programme, you will have demonstrated a keen interest in Bath and we know the skills you will have developed. In some cases even if you do not get the grades for the alternative offer, we may still be able to accept you onto your chosen course.

When can I access the programme?

Access is through this page

The link to access the course is in the yellow bar towards the bottom of this page.

You can access the programme from the time you have received an offer from Bath and you have until the 31st July to complete it. Once you are signed in for the first time, you will receive reminder emails to complete certain parts. If you have not completed and passed the whole programme by 31st July, you will not be eligible for the alternative offer.

What if I have issues?

We're here to help if you need us


If you have any issues accessing the course then please email the Access to Bath team or the Admissions Team

Name/email difference on UCAS/Future Learn

If you have registered on Future Learn with a name or email address that is different from your UCAS application then please complete this form to let us know. The form will not update your UCAS application or Future Learn profiles - it will only allow us to link your Future Learn profile to your UCAS application.

Link to access the course

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