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ActNowFilm2 - intergenerational conversations on climate change

A youth film produced by the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero, supported by the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN).


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About ActNowFilm2

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ActNowFilm2 is a global youth voices film, produced by the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) and Cambridge Zero, supported by the UK Universities Climate Network.

It features intergenerational conversations from around the world in which young and older people share their experiences of climate change in their lifetimes; successful or unsuccessful initiatives; and their hopes and fears for the future.

This film follows on from the success of ActNowFilm, which premiered last year at the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate Youth Summit; COP15 on Biodiversity; Climate Week NYC; and the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). The film brought together youth voices from around the world, and gave young people living across the planet the opportunity to tell decision-makers, in their own words, why stopping climate change is important to future generations. The film outlined how climate change is affecting young people, what they are campaigning for and what messages they wanted to tell climate negotiators at COP26.

This year, our hope is to do the same with ActNowFilm2 at COP27.

Conversation guide

Guidelines for submissions

We asked for conversations, between younger and older generations, whereby the younger person is ‘interviewing’ the older person. Film clips should aim to answer some or all of the following questions and take this general format.


  • Please introduce yourselves and say how you know each other. For example, my name is Bob and this is my grandmother.
  • Please say the country you live in, and also the region or town if you would like to share that.

Younger person to ask older person

  • How has climate change affected (y)our home/ village, town or city/ ways of life since you were younger? (weather/ climate/ livelihoods etc.)
  • How do you think climate change might affect my life in future?
  • What do you hope for the future generations?

Older person to ask younger person

  • How do you feel about the world you are inheriting?
  • What are your concerns about your future?
  • What are your hopes for the future?
  • What would you like to say to policymakers and decision-makers about your future?

Top tips and technical specifications

Tips on filming your submission for ActNowFilm2

  • Please shoot your film “landscape”.
  • Please include all speakers on camera. You may wish to incorporate some conversation looking at each other and other conversation looking at the camera.
  • Please feel free to include, where relevant and where the footage will be enhanced, a mix of wide and close-up shots.
  • Please aim to have no/minimal background noise.
  • We’d love to see footage of you/ your group speaking, as well as footage that demonstrates what you’re working on, or talking about – e.g. a polluted or flooded river. However we cannot accept footage that you yourself have not shot, so please don’t incorporate footage downloaded from the internet.
  • Please don’t put any graphics or subtitles onto your submission.
  • Please don’t include any music or soundtrack other than your voices – this makes it easier for us to combine multiple clips into one film.
  • If you can, please speak in English. If this is not possible, let us know what language you are speaking and we will create subtitles for non-English language sections.
  • If you or your organisation are in danger of persecution, please consider sending an ‘anonymised’ clip if you can do so safely – e.g., footage of your country / area, without you in it, without your name etc. It would be helpful to know what country you are sending it from, if possible.

Contact us

If you have any questions about ActNowFilm2, please get in touch