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Apply for 2020 Bath International Funding Scheme: Developing networks in Europe and North America

This funding strand provides support for developing stronger relationships with Europe and North American institutions through collaborative research projects.

Developing networks in Europe and North America

Supporting projects that will strengthen our European and North American partnerships.

About the strand

The University has built a strong portfolio of research-led collaborations, mobility and teaching links with Europe. As a reflection of both the uncertainties of Brexit and new trends in European higher education, this strand of funding supports projects that grow and deepen our relationships with European universities and research institutes. The strand is also part of the 2020 Bath International Funding Schemes.

A second focus of this strand will be on developing partnerships with institutions in the US and Canada.

If you are successful with a European project, you could receive up to £3,000.

If you are successful with a North American project, you could receive up to £5,000.

Successful proposals should:

  • explore new research collaborations or develop existing research partnerships
  • support disciplinary capacities in strong research areas
  • embed research partnerships into networks of excellence

We particularly invite applications from early-career and probationary staff.

Expected output

  • Meetings with researchers, non-academic or industry partners
  • Delivery of talks, seminars or workshops
  • Preparation of a joint publication and/or an external grant proposal, to be submitted within 12 months of the project’s end
  • Award recipients may be requested to meet with alumni during overseas visits

In addition, we expect the following outputs:

  • Submission of a final report
  • Awardees may be asked to contribute to University showcases for internal and external audiences, including, for example, a presentation, case study or blog

Applicants are responsible for agreeing on the project terms and proposed project schedule with the partner ahead of submitting their application.


Applicants for this strand must be Academic staff from the Education and Research job family no later than Wednesday 1 January 2020 at the University of Bath, with a contract of employment for the full duration of the proposed project.

How to submit your application

Applications should be submitted to the Head of Department (HoD) by Friday, 11 October 2019. The HoD will forward the application to the Dean for further comments.

Completed and signed application forms should be submitted directly by the Dean to the International Relations Office by Friday, 25 October 2019.

Apply for the funding strand

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