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Apply for funding from the Teaching Development Fund (TDF)

Find out how staff can apply for TDF funding for 2019/20 to support projects that enhance learning and teaching.

Applying for funding

The Teaching Development Fund (TDF) supports innovative ideas and developments that encourage the University to engage with the latest approaches to teaching and assessment, make the best use of campus resources and meet the needs of future graduates in a rapidly changing society.

Please complete the following process to apply for funding to support projects in 2019/20. Once again, there are two routes to funding. The first is via a sandpit event, the second is a written proposal.

Before submitting an application for funding, please ensure that you are familiar with the funding criteria, terms and conditions for the TDF.

You may also find it useful to read about previous projects supported by the TDF.

See TDF criteria, terms and conditions

Route One: Attend Sandpit event

Staff involved in learning and teaching are invited to participate in a TDF sandpit event. This half-day facilitated workshop will give you the opportunity to work in small groups with people from the across the University to brainstorm and refine ideas for projects that focus on a specific theme. The theme for 2019/20 is 'Feedback mechanisms'. Following this event you will be invited to give a short pitch to the TDF panel about the project you have developed. The TDF panel will give feedback and will decide whether your project will progress to the next stage of the application process.

Date Action
Friday 10 January 2020 Sandpit launch and registrations open
Thursday 23 January 2020 Sandpit event takes place
Weds 19 February Presentation of proposal to TDF Panel
Weds 29 April Deadline for submitting Full Project Bid
During May Applicants will receive a response about their application

Launch of TDF Sandpit and registration

Route Two: Submit a written application

Staff and students are welcome to submit written applications for funding of projects. Projects should align with the key principles of curriculum transformation. Applicants may be individuals or teams.

Date Action
Thurs 23 January 2020 Call for proposals opens
Thurs 13 February 2020 Deadline for submitting Expression of Interest (section A of the application form)
Weds 29 April 2020 Deadline for submitting Full Project Bid (section B of the application form)
During May Applicants will receive a response about their application

Download the TDF application form