"Are you good at maths?" How belief in maths relates to role models and maths performance

We want to understand how beliefs in mathematics can effect your choice of role models and actual maths performance.


Previous studies have proven that social norms and stereotypes have a powerful influence on females’ underperformance in math (Chatard, Guimond, & Selimbegovic, 2007; Shih, Pittinsky, & Ambady, 1999) but few of them associate it with the absence of female role models in relative fields. This study aims to test whether math self-concept and gender stereotype influence role model preference and math performance.

By taking part in this research, you'll be helping us to understand your beliefs in mathematics and the association between implicit beliefs and role model preferences as well as mathematics performance.

Who's eligible to take part?

University students who have previously taken a GCSE Maths Exam.

What does the study involve?

An online questionnaire that takes about 8 minutes.

What do participants get for taking part in the study

You'll have the chance to win a £50 pounds amazon voucher.

Study dates

The study runs run from 19 June to 31 July 2019.

How to take part

Taking part

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