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Be Ready Webinar Programme

A wide-ranging series of interactive online talks and workshops offering support and information for students, teachers and parents/carers.

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Online Talks

Join our staff to find out more about about choosing and applying to university. Our online talks are interactive and last for an hour. We've set the sessions for the afternoon when most students will have more time. We'll give you some tips and tricks we've found out along the way and some insider knowledge from our admissions teams.

Designed for students in years 11 & 12, but also suitable for teachers/advisers and parents/carers.

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Online Talks

To book your place click on the dates below.

  • Why choose Bath 15 June
  • Student Finance and why it shouldn't put you off 18 June
  • How to stand out to competitive universities 22 June, 6 July
  • How can university improve your employability? 23 June
  • How to choose a university when you can't visit one 25 June, 8 July

Online workshops

Our online workshops are not just another webinar. They are designed to be fully interactive. Throughout the hour long session you'll get some information and guidance and we'll give you time to undertake some exercises. By the end of each of the sessions you'll have to techniques you can then use in your studies and/or application to university.

Designed for years 11 and 12 students.

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Online workshops

To book your place click on the dates below.

  • Techniques to help research, plan and write a competitive Personal Statement - 16 June, 9 July
  • Presentation Skills 17 June, 7 July
  • Effective note taking 29 June, 13 July
  • Academic writing 30 June, 14 July
  • Time management 1 July, 15 July
  • Building Resilience 2 July, 16 July

Subject focused

Find out what it's really like to study at university. Some of our academics and students will give you an insight into what the subject is like at university and the skills you will need. You'll get the opportunity to ask them questions.

Designed for year 12 students, but also suitable for teachers/advisers and parents/carers

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Academic knowledge and skills

Our academics give an insight into some of the knowledge and skills for university.

  • ‘Inside Cancer’: An introduction to Cancer Genetics 8 July
  • A transition from A levels to a maths degree 14 July

Studying at university sessions

To book your place click on the dates below.

  • Politics 15 June
  • Biology 16 June
  • Social Work 17 June
  • Chemistry 22 June
  • Sociology 25 June
  • Psychology 30 June
  • Civil Engineering 1 July
  • Chemical Engineering 2 July
  • Maths 7 July
  • Languages 8 July
  • Pharmacy 9 July

There are further dates and subjects to be announced.

Parent coffee mornings

Our Friday morning coffee mornings are for parents/carers to join us to chat and ask questions about Bath and university more generally. We'll have staff from our outreach teams on hand to answer all your questions.

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Parent coffee mornings

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