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Be The Change Student Workshops

Feel more confident and informed about tackling harassment.

Practical Actions for Anti-Racism

A workshop exploring practical tips, facts and actions to help move you from 'not racist' to 'anti-racist'

A black and a white hand each making the peace sign

Do you want to feel confident, informed and actively 'anti-racist'? This workshop covers:

  • Tackling your biases
  • Micro aggressions and micro affirmations
  • British Black history
  • Being an active bystander

Controversy with Civility

Develop your debating and discussion skills.

two students sitting at a desk having a discussion

Are you worried about discussing controversial topics? Afraid to disagree? Develop your debating and discussion skills in this workshop - for anyone who has ever disagreed with someone.

Consent and Bystander Intervention

A peer designed workshop - developed with the University of Bath Lacrosse Club

People in a night club

Developed with the University of Bath Lacrosse Club, this is a peer-designed workshop covers topics including:

  • sexual consent
  • staying safe on a night out
  • safely intervening if you witness harassment or discrimination