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Be The Change Training

Training is available online and face to face.

Training for students

Browse the expected and optional training courses below.

Be The Change training (expected)

This one-hour module covers:

  • recognising your own biases
  • learning new ways of interacting with others
  • how to intervene if you witness harassment
  • how to report or seek support if you witness or experience harassment

Active Consent training (expected)

This one-hour module covers:

  • understanding what consent is
  • understanding how gender stereotypes, rape myths and our misconceptions of social norms can get in the way of active consent
  • recognising the interplay between alcohol/drugs and consent
  • supporting a friend who discloses an experience of sexual violence

Union Black: Britain’s Black Cultures and Steps to Anti-Racism (optional)

This course explores Black cultures in Britain and provides learners with an understanding of the origins and experience of Black British history and dispels myths in order to inform, challenge and contribute to the anti-racism agenda. It was developed by Santander Universities in partnership with The Open University and leading social learning platform, FutureLearn.

Being a Trans Ally (optional)

This guide, crated by the University of Bath staff and PGR student LGBTQIA+ group, aims to create a more supportive and inclusive world for trans and non-binary people at the University of Bath.

Being an LGBTQ+ ally (optional)

Read this short guide, created by a member of the Wellbeing team, to understand how to be an ally for the LGBTQ+ community.

More training courses coming soon

Racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism and sexual violence are all referenced and case-studied throughout this training. To gain support for potentially triggering content please contact the University Wellbeing and Counselling Services.

Active Consent training

Browse the expected and optional training courses below.

We know that 76% of students are dissatisfied with the sex education they received at school, and only a small minority of students felt that that the education they had received prior to starting university had prepared them for the reality of sex and relationships at university. The majority of students think it should be compulsory to pass a sexual consent training test before starting university, and most UK universities now expect their students to complete consent training courses. Don’t worry, we won’t be testing you, but we are proud to offer this sexual consent training module in partnership with Active Consent.

We know that you might be sexually experienced, you may not have had sex before, or you may be asexual. This training has been designed to include everyone, regardless of their sexual experiences. If you are not planning to have sex at university, we still encourage you to complete this training as it includes information on supporting your peers, and we believe that everyone should understand consent.

The training is in two parts: an introductory video, including some messages from your SU Officers, and an interactive e-learning module. The whole module should take you around one hour to complete and you can download a certificate of completion at the end.

We understand that for some students, who may have survived sexual violence in the past, this module may be difficult. We have used content warnings in the module and included links to support. If you are not able to undertake this module because of your experiences, you are not expected to. You do not need to notify us of this. If you would like to seek support as a result of sexual violence, harassment or misconduct, you can reach out to our Wellbeing Service, the SU Advice Centre or you can seek support via our Report and Support tool.

Training: What Microagressions have you experienced and how does that make you feel?

Shuchi Naik, a final year Psychology student talks about her experience of microaggression.

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