Become a Gold Scholarship Programme Alumni Mentor

We’re looking for new Mentors to support our Gold Scholars.

Why I mentor

Ollie, Ben, Brian and Steph share what mentoring means to them.

Mentoring our Gold Scholars

Our alumni help Gold Scholars succeed at Bath and beyond.

The Gold Scholarship Programme (GSP) awards scholarships to 50 new students each year, providing them with funding and opportunities to help them succeed at Bath, and in the future.

Gold Scholars are often the first in their family to go to university, and may not have a network of people from whom they can seek advice about university life, or their career objectives. GSP Alumni Mentors are volunteers who advise the students on making the most of their time at university and preparing for the world of work.

Become a GSP Alumni Mentor

In September, we’ll be welcoming our next cohort of up to 50 new Gold Scholars. We’re looking for more GSP Alumni Mentors, from a range of backgrounds, to volunteer their time and skills to support these students.

If you studied at the University, you’re eligible to become a GSP Alumni Mentor. We’re particularly looking for alumni who have also had some career experience outside of higher education, and those from diverse backgrounds.

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Recommend a friend

Do you know fellow alumni who might be interested in mentoring our Gold Scholars? If so, please pass on this opportunity to them. Don’t forget to let us know which friend you’re recommending!

Interested in becoming a GSP Alumni Mentor? Please contact Molly Southwood, Head of Alumni Engagement.

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