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University of Bath

Better Corporate Governance - Professional Development for Aspiring Board Directors

Critical corporate governance capabilities for aspiring board directors.

Participants in discussion in a management training workshop
Through an authentic simulation, you'll explore and hone critical corporate governance skills in a risk-free environment

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In this two-day programme, we use theatre re-enactment to help aspiring board directors, board executives and non-executive directors develop their understanding of the procedures and the tacit knowledge and capabilities critical to successful board-level engagement. Through an authentic simulation that brings to life real boardroom issues, the programme gives participants the opportunity to develop their expertise in real time in a risk-free environment.

Corporate governance is a set of policies, processes and structures used by the organisation to direct and control its activities, achieve its objectives and protect the interests of its diverse stakeholder groups.

- Institute of Internal Auditors

Who should attend

Aspiring board members, non-executive directors or senior executives who view a board-level position as their next step. The programme is equally applicable to existing board members who wish to improve their corporate governance skills.

What the programme covers

Day 1:

  • The context of corporate governance
  • Experience sharing
  • Playing a hostile takeover
  • Strategy-making process

Day 2:

  • Problem-resolution process
  • Playing and improving the problem resolution I
  • Playing and improving the problem resolution II
  • Conclusion and further directions

How you will benefit

  • Gain essential tools for successful board-level discussions
  • Tackle real-life issues in an authentic simulation
  • Practising skills in a risk-free environment
  • Understand the importance of relationships and behaviours at board level
  • Improve corporate governance skills

How your organisation will benefit

  • Increased understanding of corporate governance and polices
  • More efficient and productive board meetings, with board members equipped to make meaningful contributions

Fees, dates and location


To gain the most benefit, we recommend that participants from the same organisation attend this programme. Programme fees will depend on the number of participants and dates will be confirmed to suit your requirements.


Dates will be confirmed to suit your requirements.


The programme is run in the Executive Development Centre at The Edge on our campus in Bath.

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