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BlueIce is a smartphone app to help you manage your emotions and self-harm.

BlueIce is a free, evidence-based app that has been shown to help students manage their emotions, better understand ‘triggers’ that cause distress, learn coping strategies to replace self-harm, and build a toolbox of activities, images and music to help feel soothed in difficult moments.

You can:

  • check and track your mood
  • access a personalisable toolbox of mood lifting activities
  • easily access contact numbers of professional services of people you trust.

You can be confident about the app and the support it provides because:

  • it is inconspicuous and pin-protected
  • all data is stored locally on your phone and not shared elsewhere so it is completely private
  • you can personalise the app so it is more tailored to you
  • it is evidence-based
  • it is free to download
  • it is available 24/7
  • it was developed by mental health professionals in conjunction with young people who have lived experience of self-harm.

Who is it for?

Students (or staff) at the University of Bath who may be struggling with their mental wellbeing, including self-harm.

What other students have said:

  • One of the key things is that it made me kind of stop and take note of things that actually do help and make me associate them with self-harm prevention rather than just them being activities that I like to do.
  • It was helpful in preventing other non self-harm related negative feelings… and kind of regulating my mood for the rest of the day because I found that once I acknowledged it on the app and was aware of it, I kind of became less likely to, you know, snap at a family member, and stuff like that.

How to access BlueIce

Information below on accessing the app.

As BlueIce is new for the University we are still collecting data about how students and staff experience the app, so to download BlueIce we ask that you answer a few questions before downloading and again six weeks later. Find out more and access the app here.