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BSc Management with Marketing Roll of Honour

Congratulations to our class of 2020

Congratulations from us all

A round of applause from School of Management staff to our class of 2020

Academic prize winner

Congratulations to our best performing student

Lauren Sum-Wai Yung - Winner of the L'Oreal Prize and the Dean's List for the best performing finalist student on BSc Management with Marketing

The BSc Management with Marketing Roll of Honour

Congratulations to the 2020 Finalists from BSc Management with Marketing

Maria Asenova Aleksandrova
Henry Matthew Baker
Smaranda Balu
Grace Baszczak
Alice Olivia Bateman
Floriane Blanc
Eleanor Louise Border
Alexis Tyler Bussmann
Karin Ka Fung Cheung
Wen Xin Chiam
Claudia Andrea Chuman Perez
Lewis Cunningham
Isabelle Margo Renee De Bruin
Pia Alara De Marchi
Juliette Duprez
Iveta Ivova Gadeva
James Gaillet
Bilyana Srebreva Ganeva
Laure Girbig
Damla Gulerhan
Ashley Thomas Horsman
Capucine Legal
Piers Litster
Kelly Ngar Lun Luy
Yuen Shan Mak
Ophelia Marland
Joseph Marriott
Laura Julie Jessica Martel De La Chesnaye
Andrew Melrose
Mathilde Daisy Monmont
Sara Mucciolo
Montel Murrayfield-Smith
Abigail Mutch
Anna Piccinini
Alexia Eloise Pringiers
Rosanna Russell
Amber Said
Tabitha Alice Sanderson
Maria Sarakou
Vladimir Semenyaka
Elliot Hae-Chang Shin
Gina Marie Tanzer
Liza Tkhapa
Shikha Manoj Vaswani
Maria Vlachynska
Lauren Sum-Wai Yung

School of Management Citizenship Award winner

Shikha Vaswani

Shikha Vaswani

Each year we recognise a student who has gone above and beyond to enhance the student experience and enriched the lives of those on their course, the School, University and the wider community.

Shikha has been a great ambassador for the School during her time with us, both academically and via her engagement with the School community and her enhancement of the student experience.

Shikha has been actively engaged with the student voice by being an SSLC Academic Representative during her placement year and also in her final year. Her representation of her course in her final year is especially noteworthy and she showed excellent communication and commitment to the best interests of her class during challenging and unprecedented times this year.

Shikha has always been happy and willing to give back to the School of Management plus the wider community. She has contributed to the experience of numerous students in her role as Peer Mentor and as part of the student led School of Management Student Association leading on business related events and initiatives for the wider student student body. We wish her every success in her future endeavours.