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Counselling Workshops and Courses

Find out about the free courses and workshops we run to help you manage and overcome mental health difficulties and develop your emotional wellbeing.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

This eight-week, evidence-based course teaches practical mindfulness skills to help you reduce stress, anxiety, depression and physical pain and deal with the challenges of everyday life.

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Establish a daily mindfulness practice that can help you:

  • cope better with challenges and stressors
  • feel calmer and more confident
  • make conscious choices about how you live your life, including how you relate to others.

Anxiety Aid

Anxiety Aid is a four-week course that will equip you to understand and alleviate anxiety and start making positive changes in your life. It's based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and delivered online via Microsoft Teams.

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  • Identify what makes you feel anxious and what keeps the anxiety going.
  • Discover how your own strengths and capabilities can help you overcome anxiety.
  • Learn new ways to manage stress and reduce worry and anxiety.

Introduction to Mindfulness

This four-week online course introduces mindfulness skills to help you deal with with stress and anxiety, low mood and other challenges

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  • Learn basic mindfulness skills
  • Explore how mindfulness can benefit you
  • Find ways of integrating mindfulness into your life

Wise Choices

A six-week course for students struggling to manage painful emotions and high self-criticism.

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Develop a compassionate understanding of your painful emotions and self-defeating behaviours, and learn techniques to enable you to feel more in control of your emotions and choose behaviours that align with your values.

Drop the Struggle

Are you a doctoral student feeling stuck, inadequate or disconnected? This course can help you do what matters even when things feel really hard.

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  • Be less beholden to unpleasant thoughts, difficult feelings and habits
  • Increase your capacity to deal with difficulties
  • Discover more about what’s most important to you and commit to effective action


Email us to ask about our courses and workshops for better mental health.