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Department of Computer Science Class of 2020

Department of Computer Science finalists and messages from department staff & students.

‘Your skills and abilities will put you in control of systems, people, even entire cultures, as you advance through your careers and through your life... Whatever path you take, make sure that you're a force for good in the world.’
Prof Mike Fraser Head of Department, Department of Computer Science

A Message from Albert Opoku - Class of 2017

We are pleased to share a message from Albert Opoku, to the graduates of the Department of Computer Science 2020.

Albert graduated from the University of Bath in 2017 as Chevening Scholar with an MSc in Computer Science. After graduating he co-founded hapaSpace – a tech, entrepreneurship and collaboration hub in Kumasi, Ghana – after realising that many young people in his community lacked a space to get mentoring and work on their start-up ideas. Since it was established in 2016, hapaSpace has supported over 1,000 budding entrepreneurs. Albert also set up the Code4Girls initiative, which has trained over 1,200 girls in computer programming.

In November 2020, Albert was announced as the global winner of the Study UK British Council Alumni Awards’ in the Social Impact category. The award received applications from around 1,000 applicants from international UK alumni in more than 100 countries, representing more than 120 UK higher education institutions across the UK.

Find out more about Albert Opoku

Student Memory - Yuqi Fu

My name is Yuki and I am a Msc student from department of computer science. How time flies!I am going to graduate from University of Bath where I have been studying for more than 1 year. During this year, there are lots of happy and remarkable things happened around me. Like living in the beautiful place, learning from wonderful teachers and discussing problems with classmates from various countries.

I have gained not only knowledge but friends in Bath. This girl in picture named Bhanuja and we were classmates in Software Engineering class. We often studied together at that time. After learning all day, she recommended an authentic Indian restaurant and I took her to delicious Chinese restaurant. We accept and understand different cultures better through the in-depth communication.

I will treasure all the memories and move on. Hope the University of Bath gets better and better!

Two students eating noodles

Student Memory - Binzhou Gu

Never thought such a wonderful and special graduation would happen this year.
Thank you for all who helped me during my study.
Will miss the food in M&S forever.


Department of Computer Science

Roll of Honour for Finalists from the Department of Computer Science

Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science
Alexander Eales
Barnaby Ralph Hawkes
Hamish Maurice Andrew Knight

Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science And Mathematics
Matthew Holmes
Peter John Matthew Turner

Master Of Science In Computer Science
Daniel Alexander
Ankur Bachchan
Yachen Bian
Christopher James Calver
Conilias Paradzai Chakabva
Shuai Cheng
Alberto Crudo
Theo Dale
Adam De Haro
Ioanna-Ivi Dousi
Daniel Edwards
Tara Victoria Hamilton Frame
Yuqi Fu
Karen Gishyan
Binzhou Gu
Pal Johannes Maria Habsburg-Lothringen
Callum James Hart
Pei-En Hsu
Tamsin Huggins
Ziqiu Jin
Khaled Khalil
Shayaan Khatri
Fan Kong
Nayan Anand Dinash Lakhani
Ke Li
Zhaoyang Li
Zhanrui Liang
Chloe Litrico
Zeke Liu
Yuru Luo
Robert Sorin Marincu
Choi Yee Ng
Abubakr Sidiq Olorunlambe
Readha Park
Kushal Patel
Nicolas Maximilian Pörschke
Rahul Alfred Chandrith Ratwatte
John William Richmond
Daniel James Seymour
Linus Paul Strobel
Matthew Thorne
Mark Titcomb
Wan Hin Eugene To
Jacob Dylan Turner
Philo Oliver Waddell
Dominika Nadia Wojtczak
Tak Hei Wong
Feng Xia

Master Of Science In Data Science
Nurhan Tarek Mohamed Ahmed Abusarary
Evripidis Alevras
Nefeli Andreou
Nikhil Adam Atkinson
Matthew John Bodenham
Chayaporn Chatchawalkit
Yixuan Chen
Christos Constantinou
James Joseph Cooper
Dandi Deng
Jay Alexander Didcott
Johannes Donald
Sainan Dong
Giorgos Drousiotis
Matthew Freeman
June Moh Goo
Dominic Grubb
Yiqing Guo
Matthew David Alan Hewitt
Hamish Alexander Hornby
Petter Alexander Jennison
Yushi Jiang
Feiyang Jin
Abdul Mahamood Ashim Khan Choudhury
Raymond Ezra Lubunga Kiganda
Georgios Klouris
Sung-Chu Ko
Praht Laosuwan
Russell Stuart Lethbridge
Chaofan Li
Hongze Li
Yifan Li
Elliott Loveridge
Meixuan Ma
Matthew Madill
Luis Daniel Montes Salgado
Jessica Maria Nicholson
Alexander Norris
Dimitris Papatheodoulou
The Lam Phan
Asis Rai
Amrinder Singh Rai
Tachakorn Ratanaprayul
Karl Erik Staffan Stavenberg
Manshuang Tang
Alexander David James Taylor
Charalambos Theodorou
Abhiram Anand Thiruthummal
Nicolas Valderrabano
Mengmeng Wang
Tisana Wanwarn
Oliver Edward Darkin Williams
Irmak Yucel
Guokai Zeng

Department of Computer Science

Roll of Honour for Finalists from the Department of Computer Science

Master Of Science In Data Science And Statistics
Xinyu Ai
Martin Hewing
Boyang Hou
Arron George Hovingham
Yuyu Mo
Sameen Notra
Emily Sarah Seddon
Junyu Shen
Yixuan Yu
Shuqi Zhang

Master Of Science In Digital Entertainment
Yongqiang Zhu

Master Of Science In Human Computer Interaction
Timothy Craig Cooper
David Elliott
Ashley Helen Small
Unwana Michael Umoren
Jin Wang

Master Of Science In Machine Learning And Autonomous Systems
Wei Zhe Cheong
John-Luke Edwards
Madeline Ella Kelly
Joseph Michael Peter Molyneux-Saunders
Joseph Ethan Rosenberg
Conor Worthington

Master Of Science In Software Systems
Rowan Anthony Domonic Strafford
Ashley Hereward Crennell Tutcher
Sa Wu

Doctor Of Engineering
Ieva Kazlauskaite
Joanna Karolina Tarko

Doctor Of Philosophy
Soumya Barathi Chinnachamy Barathi