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Department of Economics seminars 2019-20

See the schedule of seminars taking place in the Department of Economics. All our seminars are free to attend.

October 2019

Seminars in October.

Wednesday 2 October

What is the value of being a superhost? Pricing and ratings in search equilibrium

Wednesday 9 October

Industrial Clusters in the Long Run: Evidence from Million-Rouble Plants

Wednesday 23 October

Knowledge and the Economy: what the past can teach us about building a better future (public lecture)

Wednesday 30 October

Net-metering Distorts Solar Adoption & Electrical Consumption - Evidence from Denmark

November/December 2019

Seminars in November and December.

Wednesday 6 November

Social Dilemmas with Agency Risk

Wednesday 13 November

Subversive Conversations

Wednesday 20 November (this seminar has been cancelled)

Older Workers Need Not Apply? Ageist Language in Job Ads and Age Discrimination in Hiring

Wednesday 27 November

How Low Are U.S. Wage Rates? A McWage Comparison (with Orley Ashenfelter)

Wednesday 4 December

Climbing wage ladders: The source of Idiosyncratic wage dynamics (and policy implications)

January/February 2020

Seminars in January and February.

Wednesday 29 January

Cheating, fascism and sorting based on honesty

Wednesday 5 February

Mothers working during preschool years and child skills. Does income compensate? With Cheti Nicoletti and Kjell Salvanes

Wednesday 12 February

A Ramsey Theory of Low Interest Rates (joint with Marco Bassetto, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

Wednesday 26 February

Consumers' Costly Responses to Product Harm Crises (with Helena Perrone)

March/April 2020

Seminars in March and April.

Wednesday 4 March

Exponential Satisficing

Wednesday 11 March (this seminar has been cancelled)

Preferences and Beliefs in the Marriage Market for Young Brides

Wednesday 18 March (this seminar has been cancelled)

Title to be confirmed