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Department of Economics seminars 2022/23

See the schedule of seminars taking place in the Department of Economics. All our seminars are free to attend.

November 2022

Details about our scheduled seminars.

Wednesday 23 November

  • Speaker: Professor Paola Manzini (University of Bristol)
  • Title: “A model of approval” joint with Marco Mariotti and Levent Ülkü
  • Time: 14:45pm - 16:00pm BST (GMT)
  • Location: 3 East 2.2

Online technologies enable a host of observable acts, such as 'wishlisting', that do not quite amount to choice meant as a final selection. Rather, they express interest and a positive attitude towards an item. We gather this type of behaviour under the term approval. With items presented as a list, we propose a general model of approval. We completely characterise the model in terms of simple properties of observed approval data. We show that the psychological primitives leading to approval are substantially identifiable from observed behaviour. Finally, we introduce and study the problem of 'list design'. This captures situations where an interested party can manipulate the approver’s behaviour by choosing the list with the aim of maximising an objective.

Past seminars

Find details of past events from the Department of Economics seminar series.

Wednesday 12 October

  • Speaker: Dr Anthony Savagar, University of Kent
  • Title: Returns to Scale and Productivity in the Macroeconomy (joint with Joel Kariel)

Wednesday 19 October

  • Speaker: Professor Holger Strulik, University of Göttingen
  • Title: Deconstructing the Population Bomb: The Environment, Directed Technical Change, and the Fertility Transition

Wednesday 26 October

Wednesday 16 November

  • Speaker: Professor Sandra McNally (University of Surrey)
  • Title: Immigration and Vocational Training: UK Evidence (joint with Alan Manning and Guglielmo Ventura)

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