Do hangovers make you anxious?

We're looking for volunteers to take part in our research study examining the effects of alcohol hangovers on our mood.


Find out more about the study and how to take part.

A hangover is the most commonly reported negative consequence of heavy alcohol use, with severe health and economic implications. Evidence suggests anxiety is one frequently reported symptom of alcohol hangovers. However, little research has been carried out to examine the effects of the phenomenon dubbed “hangxiety”.

The findings of our study will help us understand the impact of alcohol consumption on our next-day anxiety and the role of drinking motives (i.e. the reasons behind alcohol use). Once the study is completed, our findings may be published in scientific journals. You would not be identified in any way.

Who's eligible to take part?

To participate you should:

  • be an adult drinker (18-30 years)
  • be healthy
  • speak English as your first language or have an equivalent level of fluency
  • have experienced an alcohol hangover in the past month
  • drink at least 6 units (female) or 8 units (male) of alcohol during your usual drinking session*
  • be a non-daily smoker
  • not be pregnant or breast feeding
  • not be currently taking medication (except contraceptive pill)
  • not be taking recreational drugs
  • not drink more than 4 cups of coffee per day
  • not have current or past history of alcohol or drug dependency, or family history of dependency

*1 unit of alcohol = 1 single measure (25ml) of a spirit such as whisky, vodka etc., 125ml of 8% strength wine, or ½ pint of 3.5% strength lager or beer.

What does the study involve?

The study will involve a screening session in the Department of Psychology at 10 West. If you are unable to attend a screening session in person, you can complete an online version send by email. During this session you'll answer questions about your alcohol use and reasons you engage in alcohol use. The session will last approximately 15 minutes.

You'll be asked to set dates on which to complete one hangover and one no-hangover session, answering online questions about your hangover and mood. These surveys should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

What do you get for taking part?

You'll have the opportunity to enter a prize draw to win £100 of Amazon gift vouchers.

How to sign up to take part

To take part or to find out more, please email Theodora Theocharaki in the Department of Psychology.

Study start and end dates

The study runs from 26 June to 02 August 2019

Relevant ethics approval information : Ethics code: 19-171