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Do we pay attention to some emotions more than others?

This study is interested in looking at attention processes when observing images of people showing different emotions through their body postures.

Background to the study

There are known differences to how individuals perceive and experience different emotions and expressions. Few studies have considered the social aspects of this communication. The current study proposes to take a non verbal communication perspective to investigate differences in emotions. In addition, through the use of a dot probe study, we want to see if there are attentional biases for particular expressions.

Who's eligible to take part?

Participants must be over 18 years of age, with normal or corrected to normal vision.

What’s involved in the study?

Participants will be required to complete an eye tracking and computer task. In the task you'll be presented with pictures of people showing different emotional expressions. You'll then be asked to find a small dot on the screen. Following this, you'll be asked to complete two short questionnaires about how you think about pain. The duration of the study is 30 minutes.

What participants get for taking part

Participants will receive £3 for taking part in the study.

Personal information

All participant data will be anonymised. Consent forms will be filed in secure folders in a separate location from the questionnaire forms to prevent any possible identification. This study has received ethical approval.

Study dates

The study will run from 27 June to 02 August 2019

If you'd like to take part of find out more, please email Shannon Winslade.

Ethical approval has been granted by the psychology ethics committee (Ethics Code: PREC 18-285).