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Elevate Leadership and Development Programme

If you are a woman from a Black, Asian, or minority ethnic community, find out what's involved in this innovative programme and how you can take part.

The programme

Find out more information about the Elevate programme.

Following a successful 2021 pilot programme, we are pleased to announce that we are recruiting women from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities to another Elevate Leadership programme which offers a unique opportunity for Professional Services and Academic staff (who identify as female) to meet, share, support and learn together from across five universities in the Southwest (Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, and the University of West England).

This creative programme acknowledges and celebrates the history, culture and diverse lived experiences of participants and will encourage participants to reflect, explore and grow through connecting and building solidarity together.

Who the programme is for

The Elevate programme is both a personal and professional development programme and you can apply for the programme if you're in the grades 4 to 8 in all job families in grades and you wish to develop the leadership side of their career. The design of Elevate acknowledges that systemic practices have historically tended to fix the professional identities of women from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. You will find Elevate provides a safe space to explore strategies for navigating these practices as leadership concepts and ideas are introduced. Elevate recognises that prospective participants are ready to embrace and take on leadership responsibilities, but face differentiated lived experiences in employment, education and in wider society from their white counterparts

Elevate will be transformational and will centre the lived experiences and development needs of women of colour. You will be the key focus.

What Elevate will do for you

  • Provide a blended learning leadership and professional development programme women from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities over 6 to 7 months
  • Introduce participants to different leadership styles and approaches which support the development of leadership and influencing skills
  • Support participants to identify strengths and talents as well as development needs
  • Provide on-going support through Action Learning and cross-institutional Mentoring
  • Empower women by using creative methodologies such as story-telling and journaling for reflection and sharing.

What previous Elevate participants have said

“The Elevate challenged me to think hard about myself and really explored the depths of personal insecurities as well as strengths. I felt hearing perspectives on problems from other women from different backgrounds facing similar issues was a really powerful way to gain confidence in myself and my own journey.”

“A truly transformative and reaffirming experience. This opportunity helped me to recognise my worth, provided me with tools and strategies I can take forward to better navigate my place of work and the existing social/ hierarchical structures within the workplace and further help support me on my journey of personal and professional development.”

“I'm definitely a lot more confident and assertive, through the project I've also picked up useful leadership skills...I got a new job as a result of completing project 1, I wouldn't have applied otherwise.”

Previous Participants 2021-22

  • Xiaoze Pei
  • Yunmeng Zhang
  • Afsana Faheem
  • Susanne Wilczoch
  • Kwan Yee (Michelle) Liu
  • Caroline Thomas
  • Carol Adrianzen

The 2021-22 Programme

Find out more about the 2021-22 programme and how to apply.

The 2021-22 programme has now finished. The university is hoping to take part in Elevate 2022-23 and we will update the details on this webpage once this is confirmed.

Contact us

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