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Engagement methods: consulting with industry

Benefits of the consulting with industry for public engagement, with case studies, research and blogs from researchers who've used this method.

Consulting with industry involves working with partners to utilise their knowledge of industrial practices as part of research. This can often provide a way of testing research outputs in real-life situations.

The Public Engagement Unit has worked alongside researchers from across the University and Research & Innovation Services to explore the opportunities presented of engaging with industry as well as the benefits and challenges in this work. The emphasis on engagement has involved investigating individuals' experiences working with, rather than for, industry partners.

Engagement story

Dr Paul Shepherd, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Dr Paul Shepherd standing in front of a rocket in a desert

"Consulting with professional engineers forms a large part of my research. When I'm trying to validate my research I want to test it on a real-life project, and with professionals working in practice." — Dr Paul Shepherd

Engaged Researchers case studies

Find out more about the experiences of researchers who have engaged industries with their work.

Dr Richard Fairchild (School of Management) and Dr Kate Woodthorpe (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) both have experience of university-industry research collaborations. In their case studies, they reflect on these experiences. What went well? What challenges did they face? What would they do differently and what tips would they give to those embarking on industry collaborations?

Engaging with Industry project case studies

Read case studies of projects funded by our Engage Grants that engage with industry.

Through our Engage Grants, we funded researchers to run projects that engage with industry. Read the case studies and other resources that have been produced for each of the projects:

Behaviours4Collaboration - A half-day stakeholder engagement event aimed at getting feedback from members of the construction sector on a tool for collaborative working.

Costing research for industry - An interactive workshop to secure industrial buy-in for new engineering-related research.

Creating NRG - A day-long event to build potential for research collaborations with industry partners for a new Research Group at the University.

An Introductory Guide to Engaging with Industry

A guide has been written by and for researchers at the University to show how they can benefit from engaging with their industry.

The Introductory Guide to Research / Industry Collaborations should be of use to those researchers new to such engagement. However, we hope that those with more experience of industry collaborations will still find some of the insights in the guide of interest.

Amongst other things, the guide includes:

  • benefits of engaging with industry
  • challenges of engaging with industry
  • top tips for industry engagement

Find out more

If you're interested in finding out more read these blogs and reports on university-industry research collaborations.

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