Enterprise & Innovation

Exchanging ideas and knowledge to bridge the gap between complex academic research, commercial application and business creation.


Consultancy can help your business become more productive and profitable by improving processes, products and services.

Prof Alison Walker doing theoretical computer modelling of new materials for solar cells.

The Consultancy Services Team make it possible for businesses and organisations to meet academics and gain expert advice on a range of industrial or commercial problems.

SetSquared Partnerships

The SETsquared Innovation Centre acts as a connector between corporate companies, the start-ups it supports and the research base it represents in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and the flow of ideas and innovation.

Business Plan Winner is planning to extract essential oils from flowers that are discarded after ceremonies in India.

SETsquared’s Open Innovation Programme offers long term relationships to Corporate Partners enabling a deep understanding of your innovation requirements, a response that is a tailored and the wide network of researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors provides Corporate Partners with access and insight into the latest developments in Open Innovation globally.