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Fika is an app that aims to help you to maintain your mental fitness in the same way as you take care of your physical fitness.

The Fika app

Through short exercises you develop and build keys skills aimed at helping you react positively to whatever life may throw at you.

There are seven skills you can develop as part of mental fitness:

  • connection
  • stress
  • meaning
  • positivity
  • focus
  • motivation
  • confidence

The app gives you access to seven booster courses based on the seven mental fitness skills. These courses are made up of short five minute bitesize exercises, making it easier for you to fit it in to your day. You can track your progress using the mental fitness quiz to see which skills you are more confident in.

If you want some extra guidance with the exercises, the Fika trainers put on live streams via the app, where you can tune in and hear from experts and other users.

There are also monthly masterclasses where each of the skills are explored in more detail with the input of guest speakers and experts.

To download Fika, just go to the Apple app store/ Google play store and search for Fika. You can then use your University email address to register and create a password, to use the app for free.

Fika - video

Watch this video to find out how Fika works and how it can help you.


Mental fitness courses for education, workplace and healthcare

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Mental fitness app

Visit the Fika Community website to download the app and explore your mental fitness

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