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Food for Thought

A six-week online course for those caught up in problematic patterns of eating

Food for Thought is a practical, supportive course to help with disordered eating - whether that's overeating, undereating, eating according to strict rules, doing excessive exercise or using food to manage difficult emotions.

Across six one-hour sessions held on Microsoft Teams, we'll use theory and techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you understand cycles of behaviour that keep us stuck, and explore practical ideas to help you make lasting change.

Key topics:

  • Understanding why our thoughts and behaviours can keep us stuck.
  • Diets: myth busting and fact checking.
  • How to turn rigid rules into flexible guidelines.
  • The role of body image, self esteem and perfectionism.
  • Healthier ways of managing complex emotions.

Food for Thought is not group therapy; we don’t expect you to share beyond what is comfortable.

Who it's for

Food for Thought is for students with disordered eating. It is not for those with a diagnosed eating disorder or those who have received previous treatment for an eating disorder. If that's the case for you, please arrange an initial consultation to talk through other ways we can help.

Dates of next course

The course we are running in the first part of semester two is closed to new applicants.

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Use the link below to register your interest in attending this course when we run it again later in 2022.

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