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Get involved in School of Management activities

There are many opportunities to get involved with the University and specifically within the School.

School of Management Student Association (SoMSA)

Get involved with SoMSA

School of Management Student Association logo and key values

The School of Management Student Association (SoMSA) is a student-led initiative. Its key aim is to create opportunities for students to develop skills, experience, and business relationships by engaging with local, national and global organisations.

SoMSA organised a wide range of business-focused events last year including:

  • a Blockchain Business Conference, which gave attendees the chance to hear about the diverse applications of Blockchain and the potential opportunities for Blockchain across industries and fields of work
  • a Pop Up University, which involved 50 local entrepreneurs offering an insight into the early stages of establishing a startup and how to overcome pitfalls in your entrepreneurial journey
  • a "Finance in Practice" trading simulation
  • a web development session
  • Hackathon
  • support for entering national and international business competitions

You can find out more about events, board member vacancies and how to get involved on their Facebook page or you can email them on

Conversation Club

Get involved with our Conversation Club

The School of Management’s Conversation Club meets once a week for an hour and is open to all students in the School. It is an informal club that encourages friendships, cultural exchange and provides an opportunity for international students to practice their conversational English.

Conversations are led in small groups by fluent English speaking volunteers on different topics from food to national holidays.

For just an hour of your time a week, you can enjoy talking to new people and learning about new cultures.

Benefits of joining for international students:

  • improve your confidence in speaking and listening in English
  • meet and talk with fluent English-speaking students
  • develop new friendships
  • share your culture with others and learn about other cultures

Fluent English speakers:

  • if you are interested in learning about other cultures and enjoy getting to know people, then this club is for you!

Contact your Student Experience Officer if you would like to get involved.

Academic Representation

Become an Academic Representative for your course

Help shape and enhance your course and student experience by becoming an Academic Representative.

Reps ensure that student concerns, views, and opinions are heard and acted upon by the School. They play a key part in reviewing and improving the student experience.

Reps work on behalf of their cohort with staff including the Associate Dean, Directors of Studies and Student Experience Officers. They participate in the Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC).

You will receive information on how to nominate yourself to stand for election on your arrival. Elections take place in the first few weeks of the semester and those elected represent their course colleagues for an academic year.

Becoming an Academic Representative gives you an excellent opportunity to make your voice heard.

University of Bath Management Society (UBMS)

Find out more about the student society

University of Bath Management Society (UBMS) is the largest student-run society within the University of Bath. Their aim is to empower students and enhance your overall university experience.

They work with large multinationals, campaigning companies, independent educational institutions and several others to bring a variety of interesting activities. These include social events, company office visits, exclusive job opportunities, business pitch and investment opportunities, learning activities, competitions, popular speaker events and more.

The University of Bath Management Society ball is an event not to be missed!

They are highly motivated and welcome students from across the School of Management and those on management related courses. You can find out more on their Facebook page.

Contact your Student Experience Officer

If you have any questions about getting involved, please contact us.