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Get video and audio captions with Caption.Ed

We are pleased to announce the purchase of Caption.Ed - an automatic captioning tool

Who can benefit from access?

Caption.ed could be beneficial for many students, including those with disabilities, medical conditions or injuries. Captions can also help students for whom English is not their first language.

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The University is providing access to an automatic captioning tool to help with accessing video and audio content on systems used by the University, such as Zoom.

Caption.Ed can be installed as a Google Chrome web browser extension and when activated, it will caption any audio played through the web browser, including live Zoom meetings.

The software allows users to select specific dictionaries such as Social Sciences and Law, Health and Life Sciences etc. which improves captioning accuracy.

Users can adjust the style and size of the captions and the scroll function allows users to navigate through the captions and look back, even whilst Caption.Ed is still live captioning. It is possible to download a text file with produced captions.

Introducing Caption.Ed

Please see the video for a brief overview of the captioning tool

Access and Support

Please see below for further information on access and support.

Terms and Conditions

University Staff and Students can access the software.

There might be specific websites which we have prevented from captioning due to limitations on our License. If you need access to a particular website and Caption.Ed does not currently work with it, please contact us.

Please note that the administrators (the Assistive Technology Team) will be able to monitor the list of website addresses on which you used Caption.ed.

Due to a limited captioning credit, we recommend using Caption.Ed with study or work-related content and in the following cases:

  • Where no other captions are available
  • Where existing automatic captions are inaccurate

How do I get access?

If you would like to gain access to Caption.Ed, submit your request using the link at the bottom of this page. Our team will process your request and you will receive an email invite with further instructions how to access the software.

Other ways of accessing captions

Help and support

If you have any questions around captioning, or require further support, please contact the Assistive Technology Team.

Request access to Caption.Ed

Submit access request