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Help us study how psychological factors affect how we experience pain

Our researchers are looking for volunteers for a new study investigating how humans perceive pain.

Doctor checks wrist of patient
Take part in our study on how our experience of pain is shaped by a range of factors

Previous research has shown that the experience of pain is more than just physical, as psychological factors can also play an important role in pain experiences. This short study investigates how these factors influence the perception of pain.

Take part

To be eligible for this study, you must:

  • not be in pain or suffer from a chronic pain condition
  • not be taking any medication (including painkillers, excluding the contraceptive pill)
  • not have any allergies (including asthma)
  • not have knowledge of a heart or skin complaint

What's involved

The study takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and has three parts:

  1. You will take part in a memory task.
  2. A cold water task will follow. This involves placing your hand in a bath of cold water. The pain experience will be uncomfortable rather than extremely painful, and no negative effects are anticipated. You will be able to stop the cold water experience at any time.
  3. You will complete some questionnaires.

What you'll get

As a small gesture of thanks for taking part, you will receive £5.

To take part, email Samantha Wratten

Your information

This research project has been approved by the Department of Psychology Research Ethics Committee (ID 17-198).

All data will be handled in accordance with the University Data Management policies and stored securely. Your data will remain confidential at all times. Following University of Bath good practice in data management, we aim to create and store an anonymised data set, which may be made accessible to researchers upon request.