Help us study how the 'self' develops in childhood and adolescence

We are looking to understand whether young people show a self-bias and the extent to which it resembles the self-biases seen in adults.

It has been shown that adults process information about the ‘self’ faster and more accurately than information about other people. Our study aims to explore whether children and adolescents show a self-bias, and test the extent to which it resembles the self-biases seen in adults. We are also interested in studying relationships between the self and well-being during these key periods of change.

Take part

We are looking for volunteers aged 7-18.

What's involved

Participants are asked to do computerised tasks and fill in some questionnaires about the 'self' and aspects of well-being. The participants' parents are also asked to complete some questionnaires about their child's behaviours and feelings.

The study will last approximately one hour.

What you'll get

Participants will receive £5 which can also be provided as a gift voucher. Reasonable travel expenses and parking costs will be covered if participants are required to visit the University on an individual basis.

Take part in this study

If you would like to take part in this research study or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the researchers.

All information and data provided will be used for research purposes only and will remain strictly confidential. This research has been approved by the Department of Psychology Ethics Committee (18-053).