Help us understand how families approach cyber-security concerns

We are looking for volunteers for a study concerning safe use of technology in families. Sign up to take part.

Research background

Digital living is a ubiquitous part of family life for many people. The opportunities in terms of communication for both parents and children are plentiful; for instance, social media allows communication between far flung friends and family, and mobile phones are now viewed as vital to maintaining communication and relationships between parents and children.

However, digital living also presents risks, such as exposure to inappropriate content, cyber bullying, and loss of personal data to name but a few. In this research we aim to build a greater understanding of how children and their parents understand, discuss and negotiate the risks associated with digital living.


Families who have at least one child between the ages of 6 and 16 years old living at home are eligible to take part.

What is involved

Taking part in this study involves having two informal conversations with a researcher. In the first conversation we would like to talk to parents, without children present. We will talk about the kinds of technology you use in your home, what types of activities you do online, what you think are the risks involved in going online and what you do to protect yourselves. This should last around an hour.

In the second conversation, we would like to talk to parents and children together. We will play some games with the children and talk about what children think is risky about going online and using technology. This will last around 45 minutes.

The location, length and number of interviews can be adapted to suit the family schedule.

What you'll get in return

You’ll be given a £20 Amazon voucher (per family) plus sweets for the children.


Any potentially identifying information, such as names or locations, will be removed from transcripts of conversations. Everything you say in the study remains strictly anonymous and confidential, at all times.1

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to take part in the study, please contact us.

The study has ethical approval from the University of Bath Social Science Research Ethics Committee (ID: S18-013).