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IAAPS - Our Propulsion Systems Expertise

For 40 years we've worked in pursuit of cleaner, smarter engines, powertrains and driver technologies, aligning industry and academia to deliver rapid R&D.

Moving us all to a zero carbon world, faster

IAAPS is a new research and innovation institute to support the delivery of future generations of ultra-low and zero impact vehicles. We advance the skills, behaviours and technologies that will accelerate the development of zero carbon mobility.

We work with industry, inventors, researchers and academics to deliver rapid R&D that will accelerate the transition from low carbon to zero carbon vehicles. In a world that needs quick answers to the dual problems of poor air quality and transport gridlock, we will connect, collaborate and act as a catalyst to the automotive and mobility sectors.

IAAPS builds on a strong track record of delivering automotive propulsion research with impact at the University of Bath. For the last 40 years, our approach has been to align research conducted by some of the world’s best engineers with specific industrial challenges. Working collaboratively with industry, our researchers have devised innovative solutions that address key challenges such as engine downsizing, more cost effective electric motors, better simulation tools, improved fuel consumption and lower vehicle emissions.

Our ability to support the automotive industry will accelerate with the creation of IAAPS. The facility has been designed for the future, enabling deep insights into the complex nature of transitioning to ultra-low and zero emission vehicles. This will include more electrification propulsion as well as unique layouts and configurations for use in fully autonomous vehicles. IAAPS will house experimental research platforms that enable precise systems level investigations to be conducted including whole vehicle assessments, specifically under real world driving conditions. Through its open access model, academics, automotive industry partners and SMEs will work on transformational research with access to world-class infrastructure and people.

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