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IAAPS - Our services

There are many ways you can collaborate with the team at IAAPS, from collaborative R&D, to research partnerships and engaging with our students.

We’re here for researchers and engineers who want to work collaboratively to push the boundaries on current thinking in the sector. With access to state-of-the-art technologies, your ideas will positively impact the real world more rapidly. Contact us to find out more:

Collaborative R&D

Exchanging ideas and knowledge to bridge the gap between complex academic research, commercial application and business creation. We offer intellectual rigour, real world testing and a facility that will accelerate R&D in order to get cleaner, more efficient vehicles to market faster – saving time, money and delivering real benefits to the environment and economy.

Research partnerships

The work of our experienced and talented academic team is experimentally intensive, analytically demanding and highly collaborative. Coupled with a reputation for focused delivery of work our academic team are committed to delivering high quality research that has impact.

Business Acceleration

We’re here for inventors and innovators who want to collaborate with a trusted partner to get their ideas and innovations in front of industry, and to market more quickly.

IAAPS - Our Propulsion Systems Expertise

IAAPS has been built on a strong track record of collaboration and innovation at the University of Bath.

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Contact us to discuss opportunities for collaboration.