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Interdisciplinary research projects

Read about our applied mathematics research which spans the mapping of brain networks to developing machine learning controls for wave energy converters.

Current research projects

Each year academic colleagues from across the Univesity join the IMI to conduct interdisciplinary research.

IMI's secondment research projects span multiple disciplines but have in common that they involve an element of mathematics, statistics or data science. Our secondees often work collaboratively with the Institute's Commercial Research Associates.

Project title Academic lead Department
Careers of Members of Parliament in mixed member proportional electoral systems Professor Hilde Coffe Politics, Languages & International Studies
Fuzzy cognitive mapping of large-scale brain networks Dr Chris Ashwin and Dr Sandipan Roy Psychology and Mathematical Sciences
Machine learning for improved modelling and control of wave energy converters Dr Andrew Hillis Mechanical Engineering
Methylation complex trait analysis in ADHD Dr Esther Walton Psychology
Modelling multipotency – fate specification from multipotent progenitors Professor Robert Kelsh Biology & Biochemistry
Persistent homology in materials informatics Professor Philip Salmon Physics
The role of 24-hour movement behaviours in health and wellness: Implications for governmental activity guidelines and behaviour change interventions Professor Martyn Standage Health

'I am seeking to develop a mathematical model that can accurately determine the environmental impacts of products and services throughout their lifetime; both instantaneously and cumulatively, by using a life cycle assessment. I wouldn’t be able to do this work without IMI's help.'

Professor Marcelle McManus, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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