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International college counsellors webinar programme - Autumn

A series of webinars, for college counsellors and advisors, to share insight into the lives of international students at the University during a pandemic.

Counsellor and Advisor Webinar Series

Autumn 2021

We are delighted to offer a brand-new series of webinars for our overseas-based counsellors to provide insight and guidance to allow you to further support your students. We very much welcome the opportunity to engage with our international counselling community in this way and hope you can attend. These sessions will be hosted by Ciara Newby (Acting Head of Undergraduate Recruitment).

Please note all times are in UK time (GMT +1 until 31 October, from then, GMT). Please use this link to find the correct time in your time zone.

We are happy to arrange a bespoke session for you or your students so please email if you would like to arrange something.

The lake on campus on an autumnal day so the leaves on the trees are changing colour.

Admissions and Applying – a guide for international counsellors

14 September 9:00 am (GMT +1)

This session will feature Mike Nicholson, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at Bath, and Pip Pisanu, International Admissions Manager.

This interactive webinar will include a summary of the last admissions cycle, an overview of trends and predictions moving forward, and advice on supporting students in applying to competitive universities in a changing landscape. There will be plenty of time for questions, and we do also invite questions in advance when you sign up.

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Beyond Admissions: Student Support

5 October 9:00 am (GMT+1)

Student Services provide support and guidance, including counselling and mental health, disability support, money management and international student advice. Catherine Bailey, Deputy Director of Student Services gives an overview of how this has changed during the pandemic, the additional measures the University has put into place, and how we are ensuring we provide support for our students.

Catherine will be joined by Mike Porter, Head of Security at the University to offer insights on how the University protects and supports the student community. This session will also feature an international student panel. As always, your questions for the panel are welcomed.

A student receiving support from an adviser. Both are sitting down in front of a desktop computer. The adviser is  pointing something out on a form with her pen.

Beyond University: The Graduate Route Visa

1 December 8:00 am (GMT)

We are so delighted with the introduction of the Graduate Route Visa. During this interactive webinar, you will meet Aste Dahl, Careers Advisor with special responsibility for international students, who will give an overview of the steps we are taking to ensure our students are career-ready.

Sammi, a recent graduate from Bath, will explain the process of gaining her Graduate Route Visa, and talk about her new career in marketing now she has graduated. Sammi and Aste will also be joined by Ammira, a final year student from Malaysia who is planning to apply for the Graduate Route Visa in the summer.

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