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Involving the public in research

We can support researchers, who are getting help from the Research Design Service (RDS), to involve the public in their research.

We aim to make it easier for researchers, who are getting help from the RDS with developing their research, to involve the public in their research. Public involvement will have the following benefits:

  • Increased chances of funding success.
  • Improved study design and recruitment.
  • Relevant research that has an impact.

Our Participate Network can connect researchers to people willing to participate in a variety of roles:

  • Research panels - panels of people with experience of chronic pain, carers, and people who struggle to keep active or lose weight can be facilitated quickly and easily.
  • Research partners - these are members of the public (with or without a specific health condition or interest) who are willing to sit on a steering groups or panel, comment on documents at home or help with recruitment or disseminating the results of research studies.
  • Research study participants - we can alert individual Network members who have told us they want to participate in research studies to recruitment calls that might be relevant to them. We can also publicise your study or trial here.

Our public involvement support service

We can provide services and undertake activities to support public involvement with a research grant application and to facilitate public involvement throughout a research study. These services and activities include:

  • Acting as public involvement lead on research grant applications.
  • Costing public involvement activities on research grant applications
  • Good practice guidance and facilitation for involving the public – at all stages of the research process.
  • Help with plain English summaries and ‘patient friendly’ documents.
  • Help and advice on accessing hard to reach groups.
  • Links with the public including service users, patient groups and condition specific organisations.
  • Facilitating feedback from our Participate Network on research proposals - either face-to-face or online.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about how we can support you to involve the public in your research, get in touch.