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Join our internationally recognised Tobacco Control Research Group

We’re recruiting for new roles to support our work with international partners to expose the tactics of the tobacco industry.

Help us expose the tactics of the tobacco industry

We're recruiting new roles to support our work researching and exposing the tactics of the tobacco industry.

STOP (Stopping Tobacco Organisations and Products) is a global tobacco industry watchdog, based partly in the University of Bath alongside our partners:

STOP brings together the global leaders in tobacco industry monitoring and research, advocacy, accountability and communication. This unique combination will help ensure our research is widely and effectively communicated and maximally impactful.

This watchdog, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, builds on the successful research of the University of Bath's Tobacco Control Research Group including its TobaccoTactics website. With focus on low and middle income countries, we have extended the scale, geographic reach and responsiveness of our research.

You will join our Tobacco Control Research Group. We're globally recognised for our research on the tobacco industry. We're a dynamic, multidisciplinary research group, based in the Department for Health. You will also benefit from close collaboration with the School of Management and the Department of Social & Policy Sciences within the University as well as with our dynamic project partners.

Available roles

We are recruiting new team members to work alongside this project.

Current vacancies

Conflict of Interest

When applying for a role with the Tobacco Control Research Group, to avoid a potential conflict of interest, you will be asked to declare:

  • any current or previous occupational activity with any tobacco company
  • any financial contributions from the industry, whether gainful or not

Stopping Tobacco Organisations and Products (STOP)

STOP is a brand new global tobacco industry watchdog based partly in Bath which works to accelerate tobacco control and expose tobacco industry tactics.

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Seven million people die from tobacco-related causes every year, yet the tobacco industry continues to market and advertise its products including by increasingly targeting low to middle income countries. By exposing the deceptive practices deployed by Big Tobacco companies, STOP will seek to challenge that.

We're expanding our ambitious team

Professor Anna Gilmore explains why you should apply to join our research team the University of Bath.

Be part of our well recognised Tobacco Control Research Group

If successful, you will join the University of Bath's leading Tobacco Control Research Group.

Members of the Tobacco Control Research Group standing together outside

Our multidisciplinary Tobacco Control Research Group is directed by Professor Anna Gilmore.

We're committed to ensuring work is relevant to policy and practice and has secured impacts from the UK to a global level.


Our groundbreaking database TobaccoTactics, is a unique academic resource that monitors the tobacco industry and its allies. This unparalleled resource now contains 777 profiles of individuals and organisations with tobacco industry links.


Our work is globally recognised. Senior and early career staff have received awards for their research and its impacts on policy including from World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Public Health Advocacy Institute.

An active research environment

The Tobacco Control Research Group is based in our Department for Health. The Department is well regarded for research excellence and inclusivity.

Contact us

If you have any questions, then contact our Tobacco Control Research Group.