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Joint Bachelor of Engineering degree for North China Electric Power University students

If you are a student at NCEPU, you can study electrical engineering on our 2 + 2 course and graduate with a degree from both universities.

Find out the latest on Covid-19 and how this might impact your studies.

Experience study in China and the UK

We run a joint 2 + 2 undergraduate degree with North China Electric Power University (NCEPU).

As an undergraduate student at NCEPU, the four-year course lets you study your first two years in China followed by a further two years of study at Bath. You'll graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree from both universities.

At Bath, you'll be based in our Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. You'll have the choice to join the second year of one of our BEng courses:

Both courses are accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), giving you access to free membership of the institution.

What you will study at Bath

The units you study will follow the structure of the 2nd and 3rd year of our BEng Electrical Power Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering courses.

You can find out more about these units on our online prospectus:

We want to make sure you get the best teaching and learning experience possible. The 2 + 2 programme has a dedicated Director of Studies and tutorial support to make sure we meet all your study needs.

Teaching is balanced between large formal lectures, smaller tutorial classes and practical design-and-build activities. You'll learn from academics with research expertise spanning electronic and electrical engineering.

Guaranteed accommodation in your first year

You're guaranteed university accommodation in your first year at Bath.

This can be based on campus or in the city centre. You will still need to apply before the July deadline to secure your place in university accommodation.

A supportive welcome to Bath

We will be in contact before you arrive to answer any questions you may have or help you with any preparations you need to make.

We want to make sure that you feel safe and welcome from the moment you land in the UK. Staff in our Department will meet you at the airport when you arrive and arrange your travel to Bath. We organise induction events to help you familiarise yourself with the University and the Department. There is an international student orientation to give you important information and help you feel at home.

There are other services that can help you throughout your studies. Our Academic Skills Centre can help you with your English language skills and runs courses where you can improve your academic writing.

A step into further education with us

You don't have to end your study experience at Bath with an undergraduate degree. This course can help take you to the next level of your education.

If you successfully complete the BEng degree, you'll be considered for admission to our masters' courses. In exceptional circumstances, you could be considered for direct admission onto a PhD degree.

Our current Director of Studies, Dr Ran Li was previously a student on the 2 + 2 programme. He completed his PhD at Bath and now lectures in the Department.