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University of Bath

Leading Transformational Change

Proven concepts and frameworks for successful strategic change. Based on the definitive approach to change management created by management thinkers from Bath.

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You'll learn the critical leadership capabilities for executing change

Rise to the challenge of change

Strategic change poses a significant challenge for senior executives leading organisations. The process involves a wide variety of complex and interconnected issues including employee motivation, culture, politics, stakeholder engagement, trustworthiness and communication. The solution to successful change cannot therefore be addressed by a simple generic '10 step' change formula, but requires an effective approach to change that clearly addresses the organisation’s particular situation.

This two-day programme introduces the concept of context-sensitive approaches to change and the need to design and lead change in a way that is appropriate to the organisation’s context. It starts where most other programmes on strategic change end: with practical concepts and frameworks to put strategic plans into practice, and addresses the leadership issues critical for successful rollout.

Who should attend

The programme is for senior executives and HR, organisation development and leadership and development professionals who are leading change, or advising others on leading change.

What the programme covers

The structure of the course is designed to help you first develop an appreciation of the challenges of strategic change for your organisation, and for yourself as a leader and designer of change. The course then introduces the concepts of context-sensitive change and change judgement, and brings in frameworks that support the design of tailored, context-sensitive approaches to change. The third component of the programme is to use an understanding of how individuals experience change to build a more complete understanding of designing, managing and leading the transition process.

Throughout, you will be introduced to many case studies of change drawn from the business world. You will also have the opportunity to apply the frameworks and models to your own organisation.

Key topics will include:

  • Individual preferences for change: Implications for leading and designing change
  • Appreciating the change challenge: Cultural and political barriers to change
  • Context-sensitive approaches to change: Diagnosing context
  • Context sensitive approaches to change: Designing change through change judgement
  • Individuals and change: Personal transitions
  • Organisations and change: Managing the transition process

How you will benefit

  • Be able to apply a series of practical diagnostic and planning frameworks, which will enable you to design and implement change in a way appropriate to your organisation’s change context
  • Develop a capability to translate complex new strategies into meaningful change-related actions
  • Receive a copy of the course text, Exploring Strategic Change by Julia Balogun, Veronica Hope Hailey and Stefanie Gustafsson

How your organisation will benefit

  • Executives with enhanced capability to lead change or professionals able to provide internal consultancy to leaders who are charged with leading change
  • Greater likelihood of successfully delivering against the change agenda

Fees, dates and location


Two day programme, £1,200


2020 dates to be confirmed


The programme is run at University of Bath in London, 83 Pall Mall.

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Programme leader

This programme is led by Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Professor of Management Studies and Dean of the School of Management.

Veronica is a respected leader with senior management experience in higher education. She also has significant experience and knowledge of leading and implementing change across a range of organisations in the private, public and non-profit sector. Through her research in this area she has advised senior executives and boards on the issues around organisational restructuring and change and undertaken consultancies for organisations involved in significant change processes.

Veronica has been an active researcher in the area of organisational change, leadership and strategic human resource management. She has published extensively and been included in the last five Research Assessment Exercises.