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Learn how cognitive diversity influences your team’s decision-making

Take part in our research to improve your understanding of cognitive diversity within your organisation. You’ll receive MBTI standard composition reports.

Organisations are becoming more diverse. As colleagues with different cognitive traits often work closely, it’s important to understand how cognitive diversity (in this case diversity in personality and decision-making styles) can influence team decision-making.

This study aims to increase our understanding of how diverse team decision-making works, especially under consensus scenarios where the team may struggle to be effective and reach a decision.

Take part in this research

We're recruiting for this study until 28 April 2023.


This study is open to any organisation that has teams of individuals that work together. This can be department teams or project teams.

What’s involved in the study?

There are two phases to this study:

  1. A cognitive and demographic attribute survey
  2. Two decision-making tasks. You can complete these virtually or in person with your team

What you’ll get for taking part in the study

As well as contributing to our research, you will receive:

  • an overall personality composition report on your team. This will include action points to influence your team’s behaviour
  • individual team member personality reports (on par with Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI))
  • a 1-2-1 session with a researcher on the full interpretation of reports and how to improve team framework and facilitation of team’s work. This is optional.

Your data

All of your data will be handled in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Individuals and organisations will not be identifiable in any publications. Data will be stored on the University of Bath’s secure computer server and will only be accessible by the research team.

To ensure that the raw data is protected throughout the study and only accessed by the researcher, the anonymised task data, analysis code and results and consent forms will all be stored on the University of Bath’s secure computer server within an encrypted folder that only the researcher and PhD supervisor can access.

To maintain the anonymity of the participant's demographic and cognitive details, participants will be given a time window after the study (two weeks) wherein they can withdraw their data, before it is fully anonymised. Re-identification cannot be performed by anyone, including the researcher. If the participant does not withdraw, then after the study is complete, they will be sent their individual composition reports through their individual emails by the researcher.

This study has received ethical approval [1]

Take part in this study


Contact us

If you have any questions about this study, or our research, please contact us:

[1] - PREC Ethical Approval Code: 22-029