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University of Bath

Living in different areas of Bath

Find out more about the different parts of the city before you move into privately rented accommodation.

View of Bath
A view of Bath city centre from Widcombe Hill.

Popular areas to live in

There are many different neighbourhoods in Bath to live in when you move into private accommodation.

You can read reviews about what it's like to rent in different areas in Bath here.

Popular residential parts of Bath include:

Bath city centre

The city centre is a bustling hub of shops, restaurants, museums, bars, coffee shops and more.


Widcombe is located to the south east of the city centre, a short walk to Bath Spa railway station.

  • Two miles from campus
  • Regular buses to campus
  • Claverton Street has a row of shops, cafes, takeaways and pubs
  • Around 15 minutes’ walk to the city centre
  • Average monthly rent per person is £546.67 (based on Studentpad properties)

Combe Down

Combe Down is a village located on the south east edge of Bath.

Oldfield Park

Oldfield Park is a popular student area of Bath.


Twerton is situated in the west of Bath, home to the city’s football club.


Weston is located to the north west of Bath and home to the city’s hospital.


Larkhall is situated in the north east of Bath.

  • Two miles from campus
  • There are shops and a post office located on St. Saviours Road, plus a theatre
  • Regular buses to the city centre or around 45 minutes’ walk
  • Average monthly rent per person is £551.67 (based on Studentpad properties in the surrounding area)


Southdown is located in the south west of Bath with views over the city.

Odd Down

Odd Down is south and west of the city, with a large sports ground and facilities.

Average monthly rental costs quoted are based on the average rent of properties available on Studentpad on 6 December 2019. Individual costs will vary.

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