University of Bath

Make yourself employable

Use your time at Bath to develop the key skills and experience you need to find and start your career.

Student on a work placement
Bath students gain practical and valuable experience on work placements

Coming to Bath is not just about studying and doing research. By making the most of the opportunities available here, you’ll gain experience and skills which will help you plan your career path and increase your employability.

We can help you make the important decisions about the type of career you want. By the time you graduate, you should have an idea of what you want to do and know the steps you need to take.

Develop skills to prepare you for work

There are lots of ways you can develop different skills at the University which you can use throughout your career.

You can choose from a wide range of free to access skills courses, workshops and resources which you can take in your free time. You can improve your language and communication skills or learn something new, including practical skills like interview techniques and CV writing. Many of these skills can also be used to support your submission for the Bath Award.

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Work experience through a placement

Lots of our courses have a vocational focus, but you can choose to take a work placement on all of them. This gives you the opportunity to put your classroom learning into practice and learn valuable skills that you can take into any job.

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Study abroad and broaden your horizons

Studying abroad is a great way to develop skills and have experiences that you will not get in the classroom.

It gives you a new set of challenges that can enhance your employability, making you more marketable to employers as you develop your communication, problem solving and analytical skills.

In addition to those skills, you can learn a new language in the place where it is spoken.

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Get noticed by employers

The Bath Award scheme gives you formal recognition for the skills you have developed in addition to your degree.

It appears on your degree transcript as evidence of extracurricular personal development. Employers recognise that students with the award are self-motivated and prepared for work.

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Get career advice

We have a dedicated Careers Service where you can get careers information, advice and guidance throughout your time here. They can help you plan your career path and help you get you in contact with employers.

We provide:

  • information on employment and further study
  • individual guidance and assistance with career choices
  • workshops to develop your employability skills, including CV writing, interviews, applications and aptitude testing
  • information on job vacancies and a full programme of employer activities on campus

Our graduate employability

86% of our first-time UK graduates who studied full-time are employed in the top three occupational groups, compared to 71% of employed graduates nationally. The top three occupational groups include:

  • managers, directors and senior officials
  • professional occupations
  • associate professional and technical occupations

We rank highly among UK universities for graduate job prospects and our students go on to diverse careers.

Every year we survey our graduates to find out what they are doing six months after graduating. Our survey shows that our graduates have outstanding success in finding relevant employment or further training.

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